I feel so honored

Eluise....I feel so honored and blessed to have had, and still have, your guidence on my life's journey. Thru you, I've gained such a profound insight into not only myself, but into others as well. I can honestly say that there has never been a situation, or a conversation where I havent applied some form of insight and knowledge that Ive obtained just from knowing you. Please know how truly grateful I am everyday that thru you, I have received the most precious gift ...the gift of, MYSELF. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Corie Janin

Truly Enlightening Process

Coaching with Eluise has been a truly enlightening process. She is thoughtful, kind, and compassionate...with a little tough love thrown it at just the right moments. All aspects of my life (from my marriage to my business) have been positively affected by my discoveries during our sessions. I am so very grateful to have Eluise as a Coach and a trusted advisor. Thank you Eluise...it truly is my pleasure to work with you.

Leslie Krenzelak

You are a terrific caring person

You are a terrific caring person that listens and shows your clients how they hold themselves back. The insights you give people will allow them to grow and do amazing work! We are so happy to have had you in class and as a friend and long term client! Thank you for joining the Sales Pro Professional Selling Systems class.

Jim Ullery

I can't thank you enough

I can't thank you enough for your inspiration and ability to help me "SEE" what it is I need to be figuring out....CLARITY!


An Asset

I have known Eluise for many years in both a personal and professional capacity. Anyone fortunate enough to have her touch their lives will be better for it! Eluise has an innate ability to reach beyond a client's perception and bring to light situations, thoughts and ideas that have been overlooked. She is focused, articulate, committed, personable and sincere. Eluise has a powerful persona and exhibits it when necessary. Her experience in helping people achieve their goals reaches back to childhood as people would naturally gravitate to her for advice. She recognized this to be her life purpose and has since committed herself to helping others recognize their true purpose and aide in designing their lives. I am confident that she will be an asset to you and/or your organization

Evelyn Balestrieri

Success is a journey

Eluise - I am looking forward to speaking to you more throughout my journey. I realize now that success is a journey and not a destination. You have helped me find out the person that I was meant to be and I am so thankful to have you in my life. Wishing is a desire but pursuing that wish is a dream come true followed by action...I am pursuing my dreams now and it feels AMAZING!!! Thank you!!

Laura Dinten

A better me

While working in partnership with Eluise, I have been able to identify stumbling blocks in my interaction with others. She has encouraged, enlightened and enabled me, to be a better me. I am better equipped to handle various situations, because she has provided me with the tools to stay steady and to persevere. I am blessed to have her in my life, cheering me on and being so committed to MY success.

Dianne N.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart

It is so important to act and not react. Sometimes we truly make life harder for ourselves. I have learned so much from you. We are running around like chickens without a head at times. Who is making our schedule? The Power of Choice sounds really simple now thanks to you, your coaching and making me realize so many important things. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Stephanie Giraulo

Thank you!

Dear Eluise,I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you! Coaching with you isn't what I expected at all. It has given me more than any therapy ever could. It is an incredibly thoughtful interactive process which allows me to explore and accept several life issues. I was able to gain clarity and self acceptance. I know it will take time to work on myself, but now I'm confident I can do it. I've overcome a lot, and I can do more. Thank you for a unique insight.


Extremely personable, encouraging and honest

I found Eluise to be extremely personable, encouraging and honest. She was very supportive in our dealings and has a knack for zeroing in on exactly what you meant to say (but didn't). She is easy going and easy to talk to as well as motivating. I would certainly use her services again and recommend her to others.

Tricia Z.

Thank you Eluise!!!

My business was in trouble and then I met Eluise. I said that I needed help in either making this business work or closing it. Unfortunately, I had to close it, but Eluise has helped me to get through it and to realize that this was just another learning experience in my life. She has encouraged me to go on and helped me to start over in a profession that I truly love. Finding something that you love to do is the key to happiness and success.

Barbara Maida

Redirects our focus

Eluise we often think about the classes also, and you naturally, many times we are facing a dilemma of sorts, Dianne will say "what would Eluise say about this?" It redirects our focus for sure... we are certainly not there, but more aware, yes! Thanks to you! We need another It's Your Life class, hope you are working on one, count us in!

Marie Iacono

Rough time

Eluise, I am so glad you gave me the opportunity to take your classes. I was going through a rough time feeling like something was missing in my life. Working with our group has really awakened me. I realized I wasn't alone, all the while meeting such wonderful people. We all had different feelings and thoughts, but all needed a plan. Each week, as the weeks went by, things were just unfolding. These classes helped me to clarify my thoughts that would have remained unsaid and desires that have always felt impossible. It really helped me to take control of my life and get on the right path. I am upset that the 12 weeks came to an end, I'm looking forward to a Part Two!


Thank you!

You have helped me grow and realize that CHOICES are up to me and what an IMPACT each will have on my life. I am more aware of my thoughts and having the ability to be aware of them and to have the power of making choices that serve me well leads to my own well being!


Thank you Eluise

Thank you Eluise – talking about determination; having had you as my Life Coach you helped me realize so much. I may not be exactly there just yet, but I am on my way because I am not giving up either! I have YOU to Thank for that!!

Laura Dinten


Almost everyone reaches a point in their life when the mundane activities of simply 'surviving' forces them to consider some crucial questions. Is there more to life than this? What's my purpose? How can I start to fulfill my purpose? There are numerous ways to go about educating yourself on almost any subject, but when it comes to the most important subject in your life - You – most people have no clue where to start. I've learned that a Coach provides direction for answering those vital questions regardless of where in your life-journey you are.

I've been fortunate to understand what I am passionate about, know what I want to do, and even have an idea of how I can accomplish my goal. But, even with all of that knowledge, I still found myself at a point of frustration and feeling somewhat stagnant because I wasn't sure how to move forward. Through dynamic coaching sessions with Eluise in which a comprehensive thread was woven between my social, spiritual and professional self, Eluise has empowered me to clearly articulate my goals so that I can easily identify any obstacle that stands in the way of achievement. During this incredible journey of self-exploration I have found that I am gaining the tools necessary for discovering my purpose, which, complimented by the natural encouragement that is a staple of each coaching session, has inspired me to new levels of development in each aspect of my daily existence (social, spiritual and professional).

Let me speak plainly for a moment if I may: Before I began my coaching sessions I felt like there was an ambition for 'greatness' within me that was dying to be expressed, but I had no clue how to even define that 'greatness' let alone what to do to express it. Eluise possesses a gift of divine vision that allows her to easily see the true challenges a person faces in realizing their potential, regardless of how adverse they may be. Her talent as a Coach shines through most in the methodical way she is able to break down those challenges into manageable tasks that stimulate the unique abilities each individual has, inevitably revealing their purpose. In my life alone she has accomplished an amazing feat that would typically require the combined expertise of a mentor, psychologist, pastor and scholar of my industry. Obtaining a Coach should be the first step any person takes toward discovering their passions and pursuing their goals!

Alexis Aquino

A true professional!

Get ready to transform your success. Eluise will teach you how to tackle daily challenges, increase your bottom line and live with passion and purpose. A true professional!

Allison Miller

Never before

Dearest Eluise, I couldn't imagine how I was going to change my life, everyone I talked to would say, "You've been this way all your life you can't change now"! I knew something was missing, I just didn't know where to go to get it. When I heard about your services, the negative thoughts invaded my mind; "No Marie, why would this be different, you can't change, it's too late, you won't learn anything that will help you". After speaking with you, I decided I couldn't afford NOT to try this. I can go on for hours about how wonderful this experience was and how it has changed me. I feel that working with you has been life changing. As the moments, days, weeks went by, my visions, thoughts, actions and most of all my awareness, went from black and white to color! Never before have I seen things more clearly and bright. Thank you Eluise for turning on a light I've always had hiding inside me! Sincerely, with all my heart and soul.

Marie Elena

Completely Satisfied

My company utilized Eluise's services recently and was completely satisfied with her professional manner, expertise and problem-solving knowledge. Her ideas are fresh and innovative and I have recommended her to several business associates who share my opinion.

Joanne Hernandez

Great Person

Ive had the pleasure of watching Eluise in action and can see that she cares about everything she sets her mind too. Eluise is a great person to have on your team.

David Winiarz

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